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Do not purchase from this website or persons selling this book or our patterns. They are currently online in Japan..

This is the law
 United States and Japan are both signatories of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, an international agreement governing copyright. Copyrights are good for 70 years. The person in Japan is infringing on your copyright, and Japan law states: "Any person who infringes a copyright, right of publication or neighboring rights shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of up to ten years or a fine of up to ten million yen, or both (Art. 119, (1)

what this is about

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS UNAUTHORIZED BOOK. This person did not have permission to use or print any of my (C) documents or pictures. It’s sad that she can only make money off of my grandmother name, pictures, designs and legacy. She can’t make money on her own merits. Please do not support her or purchase. Shameful & Disgraceful. GREEDY PEOPLE only steal from other peoples life long hard work. She claims she doesn’t care and claims to know my grandmother and it’s all lies. Our family does not know her and does not have any connection to her outside of me meeting her through a mutual friend/instructor years ago who she helped to guide and create my Kapa kuiki book. She in fact said to me she hates Hawaii and it’s people and does not like Hawaiian quilting. It was all about money. I did NOT give her permission to use, print or profit from any of our names, designs, pictures or documents. She has tried many times to tarnish my name and profit off of my Grandmothers works in the past also.
My Grandmothers book (bottom picture) “Hawaiian Quilting as an art” and my “Kapa Kuiki” book is registered in the USA under my name and my name only and she stole pictures and documents in these books without my permission to create her book. That is copyright infringement and is highly frowned upon. Legal action will be taken and the Japan quilt association has been notified. We want this to stop. That book cover alone is in my book and my grandmothers book. I own all rights to that!! Does Japan allow its people to infringe on other peoples work? Is this how people do business there?
I repeat do NOT BUY THIS BOOK OR PATTERNS FROM THIS PERSON, you are only supporting illegal activity and it is not right.
NOTE~ If you can help me stop or assist me in stopping people like this please contact me. I am only one person and I need all the support and help in this matter. We need to protect my grandmothers legacy from people like this. Mahalo hui loa Nalani

I Own the copyrights to two Books. Hawaiian Quilting as an Art and Kapa Kuiki. No one has authorization to use or reprint anything from those two books. The book below is being produced illegally so do not support those actions. If you have already purchased please get a refund. We thank you.

This is the book being sold and it is infringing on copyright laws both in the USA and JAPAN. Please do not purchase this book or any of our designs from this person and her website. 
mahalo nui loa for your support. I do not own the rights to this picture shown and friend sent me the picture but I do own the rights to the picture on that book of my grandmother Aunty Debbie Kakalia that is being used on that book and also many pages of that book.