"Hawaiian Quilting as an Art"

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E' Komo Mai "Welcome"

This site is dedicated to my Grandmother late Master quilter Aunty Debbie Kakalia. My name is Nalani Goard and I am here to continue the legacy of my Grandmother who was and still is well respected and known both locally and internationally. With the help of our many supporters and my instructors in Japan we hope to perpetuate the art of Hawaiian quilting as instructed by Aunty Debbie Kakalia.

I may not have a lot to give but, what I have plenty of I am willing to share and that is the "ALOHA SPIRIT" Nalani Goard.

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A very special MAHALO to my Japan Instructors and their students for their hospitality and hard work. NOA 2016 quilt show and workshop was a big success thanks to all of the Instructors, students and volunteers. We have so many things to be grateful for and our Japan Ohana is at the top of our list. We enjoyed ourselves and felt the aloha spirit while in Japan. I am very proud of everyone and loved seeing all the beautiful finished quilts. I could feel Aunty Debbie with us everyday. These new memories fill my heart with aloha and puts a smile on face. I am so honored that our designs, names and culture are being perpetuated through Japan. Thank you all so much for taking care of us and loving us. We appreciate all the omiyage and souvenirs and love it all!! I had to buy another suitcase just for that!! Disney Sea, Dinners and Asakusa was wonderful. We had a very nice time and we hope to see you in Hawaii. Aloha Pumehana Nalani and Aunty Iris (Funny Face)

Deborah "Kepola" Umiamaka Kakalia, who died March 19, 2002 at 87, taught herself how to quilt in the Hawaiian style and created many of her own designs. Her bed quilts could fetch $6000.

Her trademark is an eight-pointed star, which she called her "star of David" in honor of her second husband, David Kakalia, who died in 1995. Another mark she was fond of was the old-fashioned embellishment "wai wai moa," which resembles three-pronged chicken feet. Aunty Debbie  first started teaching regular classes at The Ala Moana Hotel and then the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center & Bishop Museum in the early 70's. In 1976 she published "The Art of Hawaiian Quilting" with the help of her friend Napua Stevens. When she retired in 2000 she appointed and legally assigned all of her patterns over to her Granddaughter Nalani Goard to continue her legacy. Nalani worked closely with Aunty Debbie daily since 1995 designing, cutting, basting and also teaching students so that Aunty could just sit in classes and enjoy quilting. She travelled the world teaching her style of quilting and has touched many hearts. She was loved by all and known for her Aloha spirit.

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