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Nalani Ohana Association Instructors....No Ka Oi - "The Best"

These ladies have been studying with me for years and have the knowledge not only
of our style and techniques but they also have the knowledge of the Hawaiian culture.

All of our No ka oi Instructors are now members of NOA "Nalani Ohana Association"

This page is dedicated to my official Instructors in Japan.

These ladies are all "No Ka Oi" (The best) in the art of

Hawaiian quilting and teaching.

When you learn from the best you become the best yourself. 

Why are these ladies "No ka oi"?

Because they are the only official instructors in Japan

that is trained and certified by our ohana here in Hawaii to teach and use our designs. 

 They live and teach with ALOHA and have the mana "Spirit" of Aunty Debbie and

myself within them. They have our full support and guidance 100%. There are many

Hawaiian quilt instructors in Japan but, our Instructors are No ka oi "THE BEST"....

Each instructor has a current contract and license with me directly to be one of our

No ka oi Instructors. It is an honor and priviledge to have them in our OHANA.

Our No ka oi instructors has the right to teach using our designs and templates.







Hideki "Mahie" Ohkubo - Nalani's Master Instructor

Halau O Mahie

Cyofu City, Tokyo Area

Email: mail@hawaiianquilting-mahie.com

HP: www.hawaiianquilting-mahie.com

Yukari "Anela" Ishibashi - Nalani's Instructor

Anela's Kula 'O Na Mahana Pu'iwai

Shibuya Area

Email:  anela.minoaka@gmail.com

HP: www.anela-hquilt.jugem.jp

Yuko "Napuanani" Yamamoto - Nalani's Master Instructor

Napuanani's Kapa Hui

Saitama Area

Email: napuanani@aloha-quilt.com 

HP: www.//aloha-quilt.com

Norie "Alohilani" Ohsuka - Nalani's Master Instructor

Alohilani's Quilters Club

Iwaki-city Fukushima Area

Email: norie@s-a-djp

HP: www.s-a-d.jp/alohilani/

Eriko "Noelani" Kishida - Nalani's Instructor

Kapa kula O'nalani

Kanagawa Area

Email: e-komo-mai.erico@jcom.home.ne.jp

Homepage: www.kapa-kula-o-noelani.com/

Mariko Aloha 'O napua Nakazawa - Nalani Instructor

Aloha 'Onapua Quilt Club

Kanagawa area

Email - alohanapua.shounan@gmail.com

HP - www.scn-net.easymyweb.jp/member/alohanapua/


NOA is Japans best Hawaiian quilt association. Join today.....

Become a member and enjoy the benefits or study to be an instructor. We welcome everyone with the aloha spirit.

Contact one of our Instructors for more information~

Nalani has 2 levels of Instructors.


Master - This is Nalani's top instructors and it takes many years to become a master. Each instructor must understand our culture, teachings and history and has taken many design courses both in Japan and Hawaii.

Instructor - This level is for a few of Nalani's special students that have studied under Nalani or one of her instructors for years. These ladies will become Master Instructors one day. Nalani will limit the number of her instructors in the future.

Keep in mind that "Its is an Honor to be chosen as a Nalani or NOA instructor". All of our instructors are qualified and educated with the techniques that was used and taught by Aunty Debbie Kakalia and Nalani Goard.

Anyone who wishes to become a future NOA instructor please contact Nalani or an Instructor listed above.

Your name could be here!!!!

E komo mai "Welcome"

Please join NOA now... Contact me.

(C) Nalani Goard all rights reserved. All instructors are protected legally by NOA/Nalani Goard.