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Only persons with a current and legal contract with Nalani Goard will be able to teach, use our names/ designs, display, sell or produce using our (C) designs will be promoted on this page. 

if you wish to use any of our (C) designs or would like to be listed on this page you will need a contract with me. Please contact me directly.

Aloha Napua- Mariko Nakazawa

Mariko Nakazawa has been teaching under us since June of 2009. She has studied under me both in Hawaii and Japan and became a master instructor in January of 2021 she received her Master Instructor Certification. She is currently teaching under the name Kapa Halau'O Alohanapua in Japan.

Mariko not only studied the art of Hawaiian Quilting but also studied our Hawaiian Culture and also Hula.

I am very proud of her accomplishments and her support in helping to perpetuate the art of Hawaiian Quikting as taught by my Grandmother Autny Debbie Kakalia and myself. 

Authorized Master Instructor

Website- http://alohaonapua.jumdofree.com/

Email- alohaonapua.shounan@gmail.com 

Mariko Nakazawa (C) Nalani Goard 2022

Kapa Halau’O Alohanapua