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Want to schedule a workshop with Nalani in Hawaii or Japan?

I offer private design workshop out of my home in Pearl City or in other locations depending on the size of the group.

Read Facts below:

Aunty Debbie almost never taught design courses to anyone. Only a selected amount of students were welcomed into Aunties home to learn how to design. None of these ladies became official instructors in Japan or Hawaii. It wasnt until Aunty retired and I took over that design courses were offered. Aunty Debbie enjoyed teaching applique and quilting but she kept the designing private. She made her income by designing for people and felt that it was to much work to teach the designing part of the art. It takes time and she was to busy teaching basic classes. Since taking over in 2000 I have taught my instructors the designing techniques that my grandmother taught me. I have also taught many students from all over the world how to design using our style.

Why do I have design workshops? Because it is part of the learning process. When I took over my Grandmothers teachings she told me to "Please continue and perpetuate the art of Hawaiian quilting". Designing is the most important part of Hawaiian quilting. Some people want to learn the design process simply out of curiousity and some might want to design their own quilt? Whatever the reason it is my passion to design and teach others our style of doing it.

Regardless if you are an artist or not you will be able to learn the basic fundamentals we use in our teachings to create a beautiful quilt. You will receive a certificate upon completion but, this does certify you to teach or become one of my instructors. It simply states that you took a design course.

USA workshops contact Nalani directly.......

Group workshops must have a minimum of 2 people.

What we offer:

Basic applique workshops - Learn basic techniques in the art of Hawaiian quilting as instructed by Aunty Debbie Kakalia and Nalani Goard.

45x54 Design workshops - Learn how to create and design a 45x54 wall hanging. Fee includes lunch and private workshop in my home $350.

90x90 Design workshops - Learn how to create and design a 90x90 quilt. Fee includes lunch and private workshop in my home $500.

New workshop for Hapa Haole design coming in 2013...

Picture is of a private workshop in my home with student Kumi from Japan.

For workshops, Classes, events or meetings with Nalani please contact person below:
USA: Contact Nalani Directly goardn001@hawaii.rr.com