*Quilt Show & Event participation*

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Are you having a quilt show or event?

If you are having a quilt show or event and want to add a little Hawaiian flavor please let us know.

We would love to participate if it fits our schedule.

We can do a vendors booth and bring our products to sell. We would love to do a workshop or class at your event also. We have quilts that can be displayed too....

We can participate as a vendor...

As a vendor we would bring our product line "The Nalani Goard Collection". This would include quilt kits and a few finished products. Kits range in size from 18x18 up to 90x90. Each kits comes with threads and binding and is prebasted either with thread or glue.

Below are pictures from several events..

(C) Nalani Goard

We can participate at quilt shows....

If you are having a quilt show we can participate in that also.

More information for USA...

Nalani - goardn001@hawaii.rr.com

We look forward to working with you.

Mahalo nui loa "Nalani". Cool

Picture below is of a quilt show that I had back in 2005

*Note* All pictures, designs (C) Nalani Goard